How SITPI was Founded

What is ‘Sitpi’? What does it mean? Sitpi is defined as, he/she is a ‘Sculptor’. This seemed appropriate given that the Academy was looking to sculpt the next generation of students into proficient and confident speakers, readers and writers of Tamil. When the world was overturned by the pandemic in 2020, teaching in-person classes became limited and the progression towards an online platform was inevitable. This platform allowed us to spread the joy of learning Tamil to not just local students but internationally. Over the last two years, we built a truly dedicated team of instructors and we are proud to say that the majority of our instructors are the children of first generation immigrants. This itself, is proof that Tamil will live for generations to come.

Sitpi Academy was not only committed to teaching the Tamil language and heritage, but also provided many opportunities for its students to partake in Tamil cultural festivities, competitions and Tamil related events. Sitpi also collaborated with TET-HD to build a media platform for students to showcase their Tamil skills.