Sitpi Academy was founded on a dream and will continue to b a leading pioneer in inspiring and empowering our younger generation in canada and in eelam and instill the Tamil language and heritage for generations to come.

On May 21, 2020, Sitpi Academy was founded on a dream by SINDUJAH THAVARASAMITHIRAN, to sculpt the next generation of students to embrace their Tamil identity, by instilling the Tamil language, history, culture and values within them. The struggle Tamil Diaspora endured to sustain the Tamil Language and the failure to pass it on to the younger generations, was the core driving force to build a TAMIL school for the next generation of TAMILS, where they can come together to learn, celebrate and identify with one another. 

Sitpi Academy takes pride in producing the next generation of proficient and confident speakers, readers and writers of TAMIL, with no barriers to age. The curriculum caters to all types of learners both virtually and in-person and offers an authentic experience for students to showcase their talents and celebrate Tamil heritage. Today's annual show is the ultimate testament to it. 

Throughout the academic year, Sitpi Students are provided opportunities to take part in various Tamil cultural celebrations, Remembrance Day Activities, Tamil Heritage Month Project, Speech Competition and Summer/Sports Meet-Veyilodu Vilaiyadu. Apart from teaching our beautiful TAMIL language and heritage, Sitpi Academy believes in molding the talents within our students and preparing them well for the competitive future. 

Sitpi Academy is a strong believer in giving back, empowering women, ensuring accessibility to education to children, building communities and uplifting the lives of those under the severe poverty line in Ealam. Sitpi collaborates with AYYAPPAN ILLAM and NESAKARANGAL to execute these initiatives and projects in Eelam. In rural Battical district, few homes have been built for families under poverty. In the Northern provinces of Eelam, Women Empowerment Projects have been completed and continuously in progress, computer training centres and sewing centers and stores have been opened, bicycles have been donated for students who live in considerable distance from schools, essential school supplies are provided to those identified to be in need and yoga classes are in session virtually on a weekly basis, all for free at cost. 

Within such a short period of time, thousands of our Eelam families have benefited from these initiatives, and continue to be empowered and using the facilities and opportunities to uplift their current living conditions. Not only for Eelam, Sitpi also takes part in fundraising activities for charities close to home in Canada as well. 

With a dedicated team of young instructors who are children of first generation immigrants in Canada, Sitpi Academy proudly sets the stage for taking TAMIL to the next generation. Sitpi may have been a founder's dream, but with the visionary and selfless team we have now grown into, it has become the ultimate aspiration for all. 

We sincerely would like to thank Rajaratnam Sir for giving us this gem of an instruction method 'PADIMURAI TAMIL', whole Sitpi Team for your dedication, parents, adult students and volunteers of Sitpi Academy, and my family, friends and well wishers for the immense continuous support. Without you all, it would not be possible to sculpt our dream of passing Tamil on to the next generation. 

TAMIL is not only our language, it's our IDENTITY.