What we do

At Sitpi Academy, age has no barriers, as our keen learners range from the tender age of 3 to adulthood. Conveniently conducted in person and online, our instructors instruct using the proven learning method ‘‘Padimurai Tamil’ to speak, read and write with ease. This method was developed to teach Tamil as a second language using the syllables formed by combining vowels and consonants. Vocabulary is then built on the foundation of combining syllables. The success of becoming proficient in any language is being enriched with the vocabulary and this is simply the foundation of Padimurai Tamil system.


Throughout the academic year, Sitpi Students are provided opportunities to take part in various Tamil cultural celebrations, Remembrance Day Activities, Tamil Heritage Month Project, Speech Competition and Summer/Sports Meet-Veyilodu Vilaiyadu. Apart from teaching our beautiful TAMIL language and heritage, Sitpi Academy believes in molding the talents within our students and preparing them well for the competitive future. 

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Below are the Padimurai Tamil books we use at Sitpi Academy


The can be collected from our book supplier directly from the location;

2370 Midland Avenue, Unit 8, Scarborough during Tuesday to Sunday 11:30am-6:30pm. 


If you live outside of GTA, and require the books to be mailed out, please contact the below directly and provide your mailing address and they will make arrangements to ship to you. You will be required to pay the books costs and shipment fee up front via e-transfer.

Cost of the books, payable by cash during the time of pick up. 


Contact: Raja - 416-573-7332 or Krija 416-843-9514

Level 1/2 = $40/set of 3 books

Level 3 = $30/set of 2 books

Level 4 = $50/set of 4 books

Level 5 = $50/set of 4 books

Level 6 = $50/set of 4 books

Technology- SCHOOLCUES

SITPI ACADEMY has invested in a School Management System - SCHOOLCUES. This is the PRIMARY communication tool for you to access all our announcements, event calendars, homework updates and communication with the instructor. Please find the instructions BELOW on how to REGISTER AND SET UP FOR THE SCHOOLCUES and DOWNLOAD THE APP ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICES. Once enrolled, please have this done at the earliest so you can start receiving our communications via this system.

Set Up Schoolcues Enrollment Package

Google Classroom

At Sitpi Academy, our teachers use GOOGLE CLASSROOM to update homeworks and class announcements.

Below is the current GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES for the current active classrooms for 2023-2024 Tamil Academic School Year.